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Separate your Personal Credit profile and build your Business Credit with our program!

95% Of Business Owners Make This Mistake!!! Don’t Use Your Personal Credit to Support Your Business. Build Your Company’s Business Credit. Let us help you build a second or third credit profile!!

  • DUNS Number
  • BIG TEN: Registration and improvement with the Top 10 Business Scoring Firms
  • Monthly Business Reports

Building a separate credit profile from personal credit. This helps take pressure off personal credit, personal assets and other ventures.

  • Builds PAYDEX Score
  • Enhances Liquid Scoring
  • Fosters growth with Equifax, Experian

Keeps business owner on track to optimize areas needed to obtain funding. UCC’s, Reports, Registrations, Reputation, Banking, Trade Credit, etc.

Help establishing sales growth and financial ratio goals. This increases profits through better management of operations.

We assist Members with building up to 30 lines.
Recent Approvals: $12K Gas Net Terms, $15K Business Credit Line, $70K Equipment Financing, AMEX Working Capital Trade Credit

Up to 3 Business Credit Cards

Member-to-Member Sales Referrals (at month 3)

Up to $500,000 in Business Funding

Free Guide to Members (Month 2)

A complete check for potential compliance issues. This speeds up the process of approvals from lenders, vendors, partners and others.

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Business Credit Features

Our process progressively helps you build positive scoring and correct inaccurate profile details. Build positive scoring across various industry rating organizations and top business bureaus. Take control of business credit.
  • Have the luxury of controlling two credit profiles (business and personal profile)
  • Business Credit is used under the business EIN (Tax ID #)
  • We will build your company credit properly so you don’t get Red Flagged which will stop you from getting any approvals
  • We have a proven system and relationships to trigger instant approvals required to build a strong file
  • Great for those with bad personal credit less than 720 (bankruptcies ok)
  • We will help you build a solid 80 PAYDEX Score equivalent to a 720 FICO score.
  • We will establish your Duns and Brad Street # at no extra cost
  • Great for Start-ups or better for seasoned businesses


One of the biggest factors in loan denials is inaccurate portrayal of business performance. With big data as part of lending, lenders make faster decision by what they compile. Red Flags lead to denials.
  • 30 minute intake session with your personal business credit technician
  • Immediate Guaranteed Approvals, Results in days
  • Get corporate credit cards, including VISA and MC-NO SS# required.
  • Get vendor lines of credit and working capital dramatically improve cash flow
  • Buy or Lease cars, computers office equipment and property without ever risking personal credit
  • Obtain up to $50,000 Business Credit within 6-Months regardless of personal credit

Members can become approved without using their Social Security Number; without risking their personal credit, or getting declined because of poor credit.

3 Steps to Begin Your Credit Recovery & Building Process!

For us to start your credit recovery process we need your credit reports. For $1 get access to your reports, scores and our secure client portal to generate your tailored Credit Analysis.

1) Gain Access To Your Secure Client Portal

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2) Sign Up for Identity IQ

After you have submitted your account information with us, pull your report with Identity IQ.

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3) Log In to Your Secure Client Access Portal

Submit your Identity IQ Username & Password along with the last 4 digits of your SSN to receive your analysis.